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To read before sending a message:

Is TURBULENCES available for sale?

No, the boardgame is temporarily out of stock. We manufactured the exact amount of copies ordered via the Kickstarter platform in June 2019 and we are currently working on its reprint.

When will TURBULENCES be available again?

We are currently manufacturing the Wave 3 'Parachute' which is already fully reserved and we will put the surplus production up for sale in the fall of 2021.

Is it possible to reserve a copy of TURBULENCES?

No, not right now. We prefer to keep our current commitments before taking new orders. 😉

How do I get the TURBULENCES boardgame?

The easiest way is to subscribe to the newsletter to be notified when it is back in stock or when the next crowdfunding campaign is launched. 😉

When is the Wave 3 'Parachute' scheduled for delivery?

Originally scheduled for June 2021, we have postponed delivery to September because the manufacturer of the cardboard boxes is currently overworked. Thank you for your understanding and for your patience ! 🙂

Where is the TURBULENCES Customer Service?


If you purchased your copy of the game secondhand or received it as a gift, you will need to register it. To do this, send us a message with your box number. 🙂

Where can I find more information about TURBULENCES?

If you have already explored the presentation page and the flying manual, you can also join the French Pilots Community (english speakers welcome) to discover more. 😉

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For any request relating to the TURBULENCES game (availability, delivery, production, etc.):

- you can consult the FAQ opposite;
- or ask your question directly to the French Pilots Community.